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At the initiative of the German Association of Movers and Logistics (AMÖ) the trade fair dedicates an Award to the fair’s main topic “Product Innovations for the industry”. Outstanding new products and services run for the best product innovation of the year. Exhibitors are welcome to participate. The MöLo Award will take place at 15th September 2017, starting at 3 pm.

 If you are as exhibitor interested in taking part at the MöLo Award, please contact us:

Daniel Hardt
+49 89 419694 47

The winners of MöLo Innovation Award 2015 are:


First place: Eggers Fahrzeugbau GmbH, Produkt: Vom Fahrerplatz aus verstellbares Sattelanhängerfahrgestell

Second place: Roldo Rent GmbH, Produkt: Clever Move Box & Clever Move Dolly

Third place: GmbH – Die Umzugskomplettsoftware, Produkt: Moventu, Angebot und Umzugsgutliste für den Möbelspediteur