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The furniture logistics and movers industry is presenting product innovations once again in 2013 as part of the MöLo Innovation Award. The German Association of Movers and Logistics (AMÖ) wants to highlight the great commitment of those companies which develop innovations in the furniture logistics and movers branch year for year, with the MöLo Innovation Award.

The following companies are competing for the MöLo Innovation Award 2013:

Ackermann Fahrzeugbau Oschersleben GmbH
Möbler Heavy-Light

ain, armin imm network ltd.
“mobile Computing” with iPad

CompuSight GmbH
MoveDesk – the software system for Windows, tablet and smartphone

Immobilien Scout GmbH

Immonet GmbH
Umzugsauktion – Immonet’s moving service

NeoMetrik GmbH
MoviNeo – the moving software

peha Hagmann GmbH
peha® Polster-Känguru: Reusable Protection & Transport System for upholstery
peha Carry-Protector®: Reusable Protection & Transport System for electrical equipment (safer set GmbH) – order stopping restrictions with Google StreetView

The three best innovations will be announced and awarded by a high-class jury directly at the exhibition grounds.

The jury

Rolf Ehrengruber
Gelber Blitz Rolf Ehrengruber e.K.

Heiko Lorenz
Spehr Umzüge GmbH

Helmut Schneider
Managing partner
Carl Balke GmbH
Deutsche Möbelspedition

The Innovations Awards Show will take place on friday, 20 September at 1:30 p.m. on the DMS event area in halls 1+2, booth D15.